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2,500 Books

The Learning Lab holds around 2'500 books covering topics of all the courses taught at SHMS Caux. They are categorized by main subjects and class marks as follows:
     ►AC - Accounting   ►HR - Human Resources
     ►CL - Culture   ►IST - Information Systems & Technology
  ►CM - Communication   ►LG - Languages
  ►FB - Food & Beverage   ►MA - Management
  ►FI - Finance   ►MK - Marketing
  ►HH - Hotels & Hospitality   ►RW - Research Writing
  ►HI - History   ►TT - Travel & Tourism




The Learning Lab keeps a collection of film DVDs, including drama, comedy, science-fiction, action, animation and more...

►Online Catalogue : DVD


New Acquisitions


The Learning Lab maintains its collection up to date by acquiring new and related books and other media. A list of the latest purchases can be found at:

►Online Catalogue : New Titles



The Learning Lab is open to any suggestions regarding its collections.

If you think that a book or a DVD should be included in our collection, feel free to send us an email at:


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