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The staff members of Learning Lab are designated to aid you with any needs or inquiries regarding the learning resources, group work facilities, or daily operations of the Learning Lab. We pledge ourselves to make your semesters at Caux an unforgettable and fulfilling experience.

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Semester 172         


Lance Tan

Hi, this is Lance from China. I finished my BA 2 in the semester 171 and I am now working as the trainee at the Learning Lab, formerly known as the LRC-Library. This semester the Learning Lab has undergone a few changes in both its form and function, and I invite you all to join me in making it a place of productivity and popularity.

For any enquiry, contact me at


Semester 171


Suki Chow

Bonjour, everyone! I am Suki from Hong Kong. I just finished my bachelor degree in SHMS last year and now I am continuing my master degree. This semester, it is my pleasure to work in the Caux library and provide assistance to all of you. I enjoy working in a quiet environment and helping people find the information they need. I will try my best and extend my helping hands to all of you. Caux was the first place where I stayed since I came to Switzerland. Times flies but memory still stays. The stunning view and fantastic people always left a strong impression in my mind and it is one of the reasons why I would like to come back and work here in this semester. I am looking forward to seeing you guys in the library. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to come to the library and find Suki. Hope everyone has a wonderful semester and good memory in Caux.


Semester 162


Aubrey Wang

Aloha lovely people in Caux. My name is Aubrey Wang and I come from China. During semester 162, I will have my second internship in our incredible LIBRARY for providing you supports, helping you on searching information and giving you suggestions for your study. So please don’t hesitate to come to library, we have all the resources you will need, quiet and comfortable studying environment. Mr. Roth, Ben and me will always here between 9AM – 10:30 PM for you. Wish you enjoy the time that spending here, pleasure to see you soon :)


Ben Cheng

Hi guys. My name is Ben Cheng, the Library Trainee in this semester 162, from Hong Kong. I recently completed my BA2 in SHMS Caux. I had my first internship in Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. It was a cross training program position in Room Division.  I decided to have my second internship at SHMS Caux Library that provides such a quiet and inspiring environment for students to study and research. There are more than 3000 books related to your subjects. I will choose the articles from the magazines that will be effectively brainstorming your mind. Please do not hesitate to ask me anywhere for any information because I am happy to give you a support.


Semester 161


Cindy Xie

Hello everyone, my name is Cindy from China, I have just done my fist two years study here in Caux Palace, and this is my second internship. After this internship, I am going Leysin to continue my BA degree. I did my first internship back to China in Beijing at Ritz Carlton. I love the environment and the life here in Caux Palace and this is my last 5-month in Caux Palace, which is the main reason why I would like to work in Caux Library as my second internship. In our Caux library, we have contain more than 3000 books and different articles here, and we hope you can spend more time here with your studies and the resource research, please feel free to ask me any questions, I am here to help you about all the research and questions. Welcome to join us in SHMS Caux Library and I hope you will enjoy the knowledge and the time in library.


Ray Chen

Hello my name is Ray, I am from Taiwan, I will be working in the library as an intern for 2016 161 semester. And I also finished my second year in Caux , so if you guys have any question about school or library, please don’t hesitate, you are more than welcome to come to library to ask any question, we have more than 3000 books in library, including different subjects, so I highly recommend you come to library take a look, there are many useful resources to support your studies. I wish you a very pleasant and prosperous semester ! and see you soon in library.


Semester 152


Katherine Li

Hello, my name is Katherine Li. I’m from China. My first year in Caux was 2013 September semester. And recently I finished my second year. This is my second internship in Switzerland. My first internship was in Lausanne. Library is the best place for your study. There are full of resources for your study or your project and presentation and more. For me, just be free ask me any question. I will do my best to help you. I would like to share my all experience in Caux with your guys. Library is not the place only for the reading, here more like a big family. Come to library and find more interesting here. Welcome to join us.  Wish all you have a good semester. See you around...


Won Lee

Hello. My name is Won, and I will be working in the library as an intern for 2015 152 semester. I am from the Republic of Korea, and I have finished my second year here in Caux Palace. So, if you have any questions about school or if you have some questions on your studies, you can come and talk to me, I maybe able to help you out on things that I can. I will be in the library to help you guys to find resources for your studies. Our library is not very big, but it is filled with resources about hospitality than many other libraries. So visit, rent some books and it would lead you to a better grade. Also, when you have nothing to do during the weekends, there are some DVDs in the library to rent. Movies are always a good partner when you are bored. Enjoy your semester and if you have any further questions, come to "The Library".

Thank you.


Semester 151


Christina Lin

Hello everyone! My name is Christina Lin and I'm from Taiwan. I have just finished my third year in Leysin, which made me miss Caux Palace so much. I'm obsessed with the great environment and gorgeous scenery here. That's one of the main reasons why I chose here to do my second internship. I would try my best to help and give useful information to all of you and willing to learn from you too. For me, I consider myself a friendly person and easy to communicate with so please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions. Wish you all a pleasant and successful semester and hope see you guys in the Library soon! (":

Thank you and wish you a very nice evening!


Gautam Goyal

Hello charming people of Caux Palace,

My name is Gautam Goyal and i am proud to be an Indian. I started my journey as a student in wonderful Caux Palace in 2013 September semester with my first year, and now i just finished my second and currently persuing my internship in magnificant Temple of Learning known as LRC Caux Library and this is my second internship. I know most of the students have this questions in their head that why did this person choose this place as his internship place? The Answer is because this place helped me a lot in my second year exams i used to come to library on a regular basis this place has such a beautiful positive environment of learning which makes you know to gain more and more knowledge, I personally love to spend time with Books, Novels so thats why i gave it a thought that this time library would be a good option. If you have any question you are more than welcome. I wish you a very pleasent and prosperous semester ! Library is waiting for you :)



Semester 142


Lynn Chenyang

My name is Lynn from China and I have just finished my 2nd year in Caux-Palace. Now I am working in the Caux library where is the most quiet place that you can commune with books at school, where you get the resources for your project and where offers the facilities like printer, computers and scanners to support your study as my second internship. You can imagine that you work with patient people, challenging technologies and new resources. How cool is that? I also would like to say that I am happy to help people to find what they want. So that’s why I am here. We organize and interpret library collections for you. Please come whenever you want if you have any questions. We are waiting for you. Hope all of you have a good semester.


Vitalis Bhunu

My name is Vitalis Bhunu. I am currently enrolled in a library internship at the Swiss Hotel Management School. I finished my third year in Leysin in the summer semester in 2014. The reason why I choose to work in the library is because it teaches me management skill of managing and running the library itself. I have realised that when I am doing my work I am always up to date with the recent issues affecting the hospitality industry, which in-turn prepares me for my BA and also the industry itself. The library is a very useful recourse centre as it offers students with a variety of books for particular assignments they might encounter during the course of their study. I have been known to be very friendly so feel free to come ask any questions you might have. Hope you have a pleasant semester and wish you the best in your studies.


Semester 141


Vanessa Wong

Hello everyone ☺ I am Vanessa from Hong Kong and I have just finished my 2nd year. Caux is an amazing place with nice atmosphere, stunning scenery and having people all around the world that you could interact with... can anyone ask for more? Hence I would love to stay here for one last time before I go to Leysin to continue with my 3rd year. Though many people thought that being a librarian lacks motivation and challenges, and that the work is actually quite repetitive, but the skills that I gain would worth the chance since I would become more attentive to details. That is why I wanted to do my internship here. So feel free to ask any questions or suggestions about the library or your work; it’s my pleasure to help you out. Hope you all have a wonderful semester and see you around!


Stephen Subeno

Hello Caux People! My name is Stephen, I am Indonesian and I have just finished my last year at SHMS Leysin as a BA student. The reason I wanted to work in the Caux library is because firstly, I missed Caux too much, I have been in Caux since my 1st, 2nd and 3rd year, long way back. Secondly, I enjoy the opportunity to assist students with their enquiries, since I believe that it would benefit me in a positive way and at the same time expand my knowledge in many different things. Honestly after some times, I forgot few things, even how to use the printing machine, but when you ask for help, I would gain my memory back. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask my colleague, or me.


Semester 132


Beate Sprukta

Greetings from Latvia ! My name is Beate and I recently finished my 3rd year in Leysin. I have done 2 internships already - one in Prague and one in Ireland ,and after last semester in Leysin I realized how much I have been missing Caux Palace therefore I decided to come back and do my optional internship here in magical Caux Palace. I would say that I am very open minded and fairly easy to communicate with therefore do not hesitate if you have any questions or need any assistance. I also want to say very big THANK YOU to students who close the door after themselves and respect the rules and regulations of library. Wish you all successful semester.


Yilin Zhang

Hello, I’m Yilin from Shenzhen, China. I have done my first 2 years in Caux-Palace, and just finished my 3rd year in Leysin. The reason why I come back to Caux-Palace for my second internship in LRC is only because I love this paradise so much! This is my second internship, and I did my first internship in a five star resort in Mauritius. The work in library is more quite and mostly are repetitive task. This is also challenge myself to be a patient person. I am easygoing person and like to help others. So if you have any question about the facilities in library or your assignment for your study, I am here to help you and give you some advice. Librarian are always welcome you to visit library.


Semester 131


Yuliana Ivanykovych

Hello everyone! My name is Yuliana from Ukraine. I have done my first two years here in Caux and I have finished my third year in HIM in autumn semester 2012. This is my second internship. I did my first one back in Ukraine at Hyatt Regency Kyiv. I enjoy working at LRC-Library because I like its calm and quiet atmosphere. I also like helping people, so feel free to ask me whenever you have any issues. I like meeting new people from all over the world so I am looking forward to seeing all of you. :) I hope I can provide a nice atmosphere for studying for all of you, so if you have any issues don't be shy to disscuss it with me, I am always willing to improve my service. I hope I will see you guys soon! Yours sincerely.


Noe Zhuang

Hey, my name is Noe Zhuang. After 4 unforgettable semesters in SHMS, I wanted to contribute back to the school, and that’s why I decided to apply for the Trainee position in LRC Library. Being a Librarian is as pleasant and comfortable as everyone is told, yet the challenge is barely known by the people; there are thousands of work that we need to finish and we are only as good as being almost invisible to the readers, just like any other position in hospitality industry. Although, I enjoyed the job for that it’s improving my consistency and cautiousness. I truly hope that you all can fall in love with this little cozy home of knowledge like me. If you have any suggestion that can help us enhance the service in Library, please don't be hesitating to contact me. I would really appreciate it. So see you guys there. May you have a nice day.


Semester 122


Wing Liu Kwok, Gloria

Hi, everyone!!! I am Gloria from Hong Kong and I am doing my 3rd internship in LRC-Library. I have just finished my 3rd year in June 2012 at CAUX. After this internship, I am going Leysin to continue my BA degree. I enjoy my school life in SHMS CAUX so much. I love the environment, the lake view, the staff, the student here in CAUX, that's the main reason why I would like to work in CAUX library. I really enjoy to spend my time and help everyone by giving them some useful information. I hope I can put 100% effort to help all of you and learn from all of you. Thanks for give me a chance to work in library and to challenge myself. Hope you guys enjoy this semester and please feel free to ask me any questions. See you guys in library =]


Ho Kok Hin, Jason

Hi I am Jason from Hong Kong, China, so I am able to speak Chinese both in Mandarin and Cantonese, English and limited French. I am currently working in the LRC-Library for this semester. I have just finished my 2nd year so I am just like all of you students. I am an outgoing, active, sportive and energetic person so this library job will be probably a brand new challenge for me to stay in this silent and academic place. So if I didn’t do something very good, just feel free to express your feeling to me. I am familiar with computers and the books of the library, so you may ask me if any requests. Indeed I am not mean as my appearance, hope you would like to make friend with me.


Semester 121


I Man Chan, Lilian

Hello this is Lilian Chan from Macau, the LRC-Library Trainee this semester. I have just graduated from SHMS Caux, majoring PGD Operations Management. It is my honour to work in the library to serve all of you this semester. I enjoy working in this quiet and comfortable environment and I love communicating with people from all over the world. I also enjoy a variety of hobbies such as singing, drawing and photography. One of the good things about working in the library is to appreciate the gorgeous sunset everyday. SHMS Caux is like a family with different nationalities and it is my pleasure to offer help to my SHMS family members. Please feel free to ask me any questions and I hope you will enjoy spending the time in the library. :-)


Marcus Phua

Hi my name is Marcus Phua, i just graduated from SHMS Caux last semester and now im currently doing my internship in the LRC Library. One of the main reasons i chose to become a librairan is because i love the quiet environment the library has, located at the corner of the school it seems that it is cut off from the rest of the world, a safe haven of sorts where students can come to enjoy the peace, tranquility and not to mention the breath taking view of Geneva Lake. Although at times when there are no people in the library it can drive a person crazy from the lack of interaction with the outside world. Sorry about the inconsistent ramblings of this librarian i hope all of you will be able to find what you are looking for in the library and dont hesistate to ask me any inquiries! i wont bite (probably):D


Semester 112


Yik Man, Liu (Esther)

Hello!!! I am Esther who come from Hong Kong. I am very pleased for doing my last internship at LRC-Library. It was the one and interesting experiences in my life. I finished my BA in July 2011. I enjoy my school life in SHMS. I like the quiet environment in the LRC-library. Moreover, the beautiful view of Geneva Lake is one of my favorite things in Caux Palace. I really enjoy meeting with a lot of different people who were studying, reading, scanning, printing and so on in the LRC-Library. Helping them to find useful information for their study is the most interested job for me. I'm a perfectionist that I pay attention to all the details, and like to be sure that everything is just right. Hope you like my service in this semester and thank you for your visiting.


Evan Zheng

This is Evan Zheng from China, a master student in international hospitality management and currently working for the LRC-Library at SHMS Caux. I know it might seem dull to work in LRC-Library, but if people really think about it, they will found that despite the difference of details, working in the LRC-Library is like working everywhere else in hospitality industry. People anticipating, smelling, greeting, offering service nay scrupulous attitude, outgoingness, service-mind, etc.. are also equally needed in every position. I like to work in the LRC-Library as I like the superb panorama from school garden, the cheesecake of coffee bean and Bacon! I hope you like it toooooo.

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