Loans & Fees


Becoming a Borrower


All fully enrolled students of the Swiss Education Group may borrow books. Past SEG students can use the Learnig Lab's resources but cannot borrow.

Your user account, with the username being your student ID, will let you borrow books or DVDs and also let you access our online catalogue to manage your loans or make reservations.

Normally your user account will be created upon your arrival, but in rare cases we may need to create your user account. This will require your:

  • SHMS user name (from your Student ID card),
  • Full name,
  • SHMS Email address,
  • Room number,
  • Class



You are allowed to borrow a maximum of 5 items at the same time, including books and DVDs.

DVDs 3 days

Terms & Conditions

  • With items overdue, the borrower may not borrow any additional book or DVD until the overdue items are returned.
  • Loans normally can be renewed twice unless a previous reminder or reservation applies.
  • Most books can be borrowed from the Learning Lab, with the exceptions including reference works and dictionaries.
  • Students can make reservations online, and they will be contacted as soon as the reserved items are available. The reserved item will be kept for three days at the desk in the Learning Lab.
  • When an item is lost or damaged, the borrower is liable to pay any replacement cost and handling fees.

Overdue Loans


All loans not returned or renewed before the due date are considered OVERDUE.

When your items are overdue:

  • As a courtesy, reminders are sent out every day for the overdue items by email.
  • A fine of CHF 1.00 per item per day may be charged on all outstanding items.

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