Common Understandings of the Learning Lab


All ladies and gentlemen who enter the Learning Lab should agree with the following Common Understandings


1. We do not deface the books in any way, including but not limited to underlining or highlighting text.
2. We smile to strangers, and say hi if we’re in a good mood.

3. We leave tables and chairs as we’ve found them. Unless we’ve found them unclean,
unarranged, or broken.

4. We are responsible with our belongings. We know the librarian is not watching

5. We don’t have to whisper but we respect our neighbour who’s trying to stay focused. We may find ourselves in their shoes sooner than it seems.

6. We don’t smoke here. Duh.

7. We don’t eat in here. Caux Palace is right next door and Four Seasons is 20 metres away. If we see the staff members snacking that’s because they clean their own desks.

8. We only bring beverages in lidded containers, and in the tables section, away from the shelves.

9. We abide by the same grooming standards as those of the school. If we can get in Four Seasons we can get in here.

10. We are good honest people who respect other people’s belongings. We always check books out and in as due.


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